"Let food be thy medicine" ~Hippocrates

Sharon Zarabi


Meet Sharon

Sharon Zarabi is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (RD, CDN) and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the International Fitness Professional's Association (IFPA) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA.) Sharon's appreciation for the human body began with her love of sports from an early age. Participating in activities such as dance, while playing competitive soccer, basketball, and running track, taught her important lessons about physical performance and wellness through lifestyle choices. For these reasons, it was in her teenage years Sharon became an advocate for an active lifestyle.

While athletics were an integral part of Sharon's life, family has always been a priority as well. Growing up surrounded by a large family who would gather on a regular basis for various reasons always meant a great deal of dinners. It was here where Sharon's true love of food was born. From childhood she would help her mother in the kitchen when she would prepare meals. As she learned her way around the kitchen, she began to experiment and create her own dishes. While some weren't always a success, for the most part Sharon wound up not only surprising herself with her culinary intuition, but also impressing those who tasted her dishes.

As her college years approached, Sharon realized more than ever how synonymous her food intake was with her lifestyle. The further she explored this concept, the more she realized how far beyond athletics this went. It was this particular concept which led to Sharon's choice of professional study. In 2005, she earned a Bachelor's Degree from New York University with a major in Nutrition and Dietetics before continuing her studies at Long Island University CW Post. It was here she obtained her credentials as an RD.

As her enthusiasm in the field continued to blossom, Sharon found herself seeking out any and every extracurricular mediums she could to enhance her knowledge in the fields of nutrition, exercise, and wellness. Ms. Zarabi partook in significant internship programs throughout her education, granting her the experience she has today. At St. Francis Hospital, she specialized in cardiac, and expanded her skill with weight management working with children of Adolescent Medicine of the Northwell Health System.

Committed to a life and career of promoting healthy living, Sharon is an active member of several nutritional associations, including: The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND), SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition), Weight Management Practice Group, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, Greater New York Dietetic Association, Long Island Dietetic Association, American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM.)

Throughout her career, it seems what has set Sharon apart is her depth and diversity in the field. Her experience has allowed her delivery of expertise to carry an unprecedented range. Ms. Zarabi has co-authored The Singer's Guide to Complete Health and The Ultimate Guide to Singing and contributes to various media outlets including, but not limited to CBS, Fox, The Bariatric Times, Reader's Digest, Shape Magazine, Men's Health & Fitness. She is an expert presenter for Ethicon, BariMD, and ASMBS, and currently lectures extensively on weight management and wellness at various community centers throughout the New York area.

In the midst of the diverse activities she participates in, Sharon's love of health and fitness has not wavered in the slightest bit. She continues to better her own fitness with an extensive multi-day training regiment, while working as a private fitness instructor, helping patients and clients to bridge the gap between fitness and nutrition. She is a realistic optimist who leads by example. Sharon understands, first-hand, the dynamic impact of life choices because of the role it has played in her own life. Devoted to furthering education, she is currently fulfilling her Masters Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Specialty. As she continues her life's work, her vision is to continue to use fitness and nutrition as a means to offer spiritual and emotional relief in the face of upheaval in people's lives.